Courses Taught at Drexel University


INFO 110 – Human-Computer Interaction I

Introduces the student to the study of computer-based user interfaces. Presents user-centered focus in evaluation of computer interfaces. Teaches the basic principles of user analysis and interface evaluation.

INFO 204 – Nursing Informatics

This course is designed to examine technology and tools of the Internet with a focus on the use of technology and selected computer applications. The automation of data management through information systems, expert systems, and telecommunication, and the impact of these technologies on nursing administration, education, practice and research are addressed in the context of nursing informatics. Actual problem-solving and mini-design projects on how computerization and automation can improve the efficiency of nursing care delivery will be emphasized.


INFO 648 – Healthcare Informatics

The course presents an overview of aspects of healthcare informatics, including medical, nursing and bioinformatics. It provides an introduction to the applications of information systems in a variety of healthcare environments.